Boosterthon: Jump Start this Fun Run

Parents –We are SO excited to kick off our Lion Pride Fun Run with Boosterthon today!  The Boosterthon program raises funds while teaching our kids about the importance of Fitness, Leadership, and Character. We are very excited to have the Boosterthon Fun Run Team on campus, as they will be adding value in so many ways to our students and school!Our goal is to profit $50,000 with this year’s event.  We need to earn back school budget funds that will preserve programs and activities such as choir partnerships, band transportation, student leadership recognition and recess supervision.  All profits from this event will go directly towards the goal of closing that gap.$50,000 may seem like a big number, but we came very close to profiting that amount last year!  If it helps, the per classroom target would be roughly $1,850 ($50,000 / 27 classrooms).Your student will come home today with their Boosterthon Pledgebook. The Pledgebook should have everything you need to get started. The first thing you must do is register your student on by following these steps: 
  1. Click this link – –  and either log in with the account you made last year, or start fresh by clicking the "Sign Up" button (visual learners can scroll down for screen shots).
  2. Once you are logged on, click the "Register a Student” button on the Home Page, and enter our school’s registration code: 428185
  3. Enter your student’s name and classroom assignment. 
  4. Lastly, read the participation agreement, and click “I Agree” on the Parent Permission Box to give your student permission to run in the Boosterthon Fun Run on January 28-29. Your student will receive a FREE PRIZE just for being registered.
Want to get a jump start on gathering pledges? gives you the option to upload a digital photo of your child (so have a photo ready for upload). If you choose the “make my video” button, the site will automatically generate a very cool and fun video with your child’s face included (many times!) within the video! Send the link to all your friends and relatives!Questions?  Contact parent Katy Pizza at or Dustin, our Boosterthon team lead, at If Boosterthon is new to you, check out the Boosterthon website to find out what all the buzz is about.  Pledges can be entered online at as early as today’s Pep Rally.Let's rock this fundraiser!  Thank you again for supporting South Loop School.

Steps for a new sign-up: