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 Extended Day Program Information
2017-2018 School Year

Early Bird Registration Discount – If you register for Extended Day before August 15th, save $25 on the registration fee.


WHO: Students from all schools in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade are welcome.

WHEN: The program operates every school day from 3:30pm - 6:00pm for 2nd-8th grade students and 3:00pm - ­6:00pm for K and 1st grade students. Programming will run on select CPS non­student attendance days for an additional fee, including winter break and spring break.

WHERE:South Loop Elementary School – 1212 S. Plymouth Court, Chicago, IL 60605 (2nd-8th grade)

                South Loop Early Education Center – 1915 South Federal Street, Chicago, IL 60616 (K-1st grade)


EXTENDED DAY DESCRIPTION:  The Youth Guidance Extended Day program at South Loop is designed to meet the social, academic, and emotional needs of students, while helping to develop their awareness of arts, culture, health, and wellness. The program provides a safe and supportive environment where students can develop and grow alongside their peers through a variety of unique lessons, academic support, and classes including fine art, dance, and drama. Our staff works closely with school-day teachers to develop curriculums and activities that will supplement their school-day lessons while promoting the development of essential social and emotional skills.

STAFF:The Extended Day staff is comprised of dedicated, caring individuals who have had extensive training and experience in child-care and development. All of our staff members hold or are working towards a college degree, and are committed toproviding a safe, constructive environment for their students to learn and grow.

SCHEDULE:The daily schedule includes snack, homework time, a period for physical activity and games, and an academic enrichment. Students also participate in weekly dance, drama, and art classes. You can find the 2016-2017 schedule here:

MIDDLE SCHOOL ELECTIVES: This upcoming school year we’ll be restructuring the middle school portion of programming. In lieu of following the daily/weekly schedule, they will instead have an elective-based Extended Day schedule. For example, Mondays and Wednesdays we may offer Journalism, Current Events, Fashion Class and Music Appreciation. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the students will have another set of electives to choose from. These set of elective will change every 10 weeks as our Vendor Enrichments already do, with the exception of them being integrated into Extended Day (no additional charge to parents) and being staff-lead (our YG @ South Loop staff). Registration for these electives will open approximately one week before school begins.

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- Students will be dismissed through our walkie talkie system.  When picking up your student, please sign them out and tell the front desk attendant your student’s name and grade.

- Your child’s safety is paramount and therefore they will not be released to any non-­guardian unless their name is on the list of approved pickups. Anyone on that list must present a photo I.D. to the attendant at the front desk before they will be allowed to pick up your child. Approved pick-up lists are not transferred from previous school years/camps, so please make sure to include all approved pick-ups on your registration form.

- Changes to student release information (i.e. adding additional approved pick-ups) must be emailed to the Resource Coordinators.

- Students must be signed out of programming daily.

- For safety reasons, parents are not allowed past the front desk during pick-up.

- It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide copies of any relevant court documents regarding custody to the YG program office.

 Communication: E-­blasts are sent frequently to communicate with parents/guardians via the school’s e-blast system. It is extremely important that each family receive these e­-blasts, as they will contain important information regarding policies, events and special programs throughout the school year. Should your email address change, please inform the Resource Coordinator. We don’t want you to miss out on any important information!


 Parking – Main Building: Please note there is no parking on Plymouth Court at any time. When picking up your student please park in the parking lot adjacent to the school.


 Allergies or medical concerns: Please inform the Resource Coordinators of any allergies or medical concerns your child may have via email. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide the Resource Coordinators with medication and your child’s emergency medical plan.


Enrollment Option


K & 1st Times

2nd-8th Times







Part-Time: 5 days/week





Part-Time: 3 days/week

Monday-Friday (3 days of your choice)




5-day Punch Card

Used throughout school-year until 5 days have been reached





*A discount will be offered for families with more than one student enrolled in Extended Day at South Loop. The discount is 25% per each additional child.

If you are new to Extended Day (no account currently exists on ASAP), please email Ms. Krystle with the names of your students so that the discount can be properly applied. Without this notice, you will be charged full price for both siblings.



       -          This is a 5-day Punch Card for admission to the Youth Guidance Extended Day Program at South Loop.

-          Each punch is worth one drop-in day that includes care until 6:00 and participation in program activities for that day.

-          If you have not purchased any other Youth Guidance services for the 2017-2018 school year, you will be charged a once a year additional $100 registration fee.

-          Families cannot use a Punch Card more than 3 days in 1 week.

-          A Punch Card can be used to extend care for the day as well. For example, if your child is enrolled in part-time care until 4:45 or an enrichment that ends at 4:00, you can use a punch to extend care until 6:00 for that day.

-         To register for a day to use your punch, please email the South Loop Resource Coordinator at at least 24 hours before you would like to use the punch. If you do not schedule the punch date with South Loop’s Resource Coordinator, your registration is not complete.

-          Once you schedule a punch and indicate day that your child is going to stay, your card will be punched regardless of the amount of time your child spends in the program on that scheduled day.

-          No sibling discount is offered for Punch Cards.


Changes and cancellation policy:

-       Any changes or cancellations to Extended Day enrollment must be emailed by the 1st of the month prior to the change to the South Loop Resource Coordinator. For example, if you are changing enrollment for January, you must email by December 1st. If proper notice is not given for enrollment changes, you will be charged for that month.

-       Any changes or cancellations to Enrichment enrollment must be submitted to the South Loop Resource Coordinator in writing (email will suffice) at least 2 weeks before the first day of the upcoming session. For example, if the winter session of enrichments starts January 16th, your changes/cancellations must be submitted by January 2nd. If proper notice is not given for changes/cancellations, you will be charged for activities/enrichment classes.

-        Failure to give notice of your child leaving the program will result in responsibility of the balance due even if the due date falls after your child left the program.



-          Refunds will be permitted if the above change and cancellation criteria is followed and the payment is confirmed by our Finance department.

-          If you change/cancel an enrichment but your child is also in Extended Day programming, our Finance department will issue a credit to be used toward tuition instead of a refund.


Programming Month

Payment Due Date


August 25th


September 25th


October 25th


November 25th


December 25th


January 25th


February 25th


March 25th


April 25th


May 25th

PAYMENT DUE DATE:Payments are due on the 25th of each month for the following month’s programming. For your convenience, tuition fees are the same each month. Monthly tuition fees are based on the total number of school attendance days throughout the school year, not the number of attendance days per month.

HOW TO PAY:Payments can be made online or sent to the downtown Youth Guidance office.  Payments will not be accepted at the school.

§  Pay by Mail: Youth Guidance, ATTN: Tuition Department, 1 N. La Salle Street, Suite 900, Chicago, IL 60602. Please include your child’s name and South Loop in the memo section of each check.

§  Pay Online:

AUTODRAFT TUITION PAYMENT POLICY:Youth Guidance will require a credit or debit card on file in order to complete enrollment for your student. This card will be automatically charged on the 25th of each month for your entire balance due the following month. This is to eliminate missed payments and ease of payments for parents. 

You do have the ability to change the card used for payments each month if so desired. Please note, if you change your card, you must do so by the 20th of each month to ensure that it is saved in the system in time for the recurring payment on the 25th. 

For any assistance or concerns, please follow this link:


-          A $15 fee will be added to your account if you are 6-15 minutes late to pick up your child (after 4:50pm if your student is part-time and after 6:06pm if your student is full-time).

-          If you are 16-30 minutes late to pick up your child, a $30 fee will be added to your account.

-          If you are 31-45 minutes late to pick up your child, a $45 fee will be added to your account.

-          If you are 46-60 minutes late to pick up your child, a $60 fee will be added to your account.

-          If you are more than 60 minutes late, you will be charged $15 for each additional 15 minutes that you are late to pick up, following the same structure as above.

-          After 3 excessively late pick-ups – 30 minutes or more – your child will be excluded from the program. Refunds will not be given for missed classes.

-          After late fees have been applied to your account, you will have one week to make your payment for the late fees.

Families who have students in Extended Day at both the main and branch building will be given until 6:15pm to pick up their student at the main building without being charged a late fee (5:00pm if part-time). 

EXCLUSIONS: Failure to make payments will result in your child being excluded from the program. Emails will be sent by the Tuition department ( to inform you of your past due balance before exclusions will take place. Once your balance is resolved your student may resume attending programming. Students with an outstanding balance from a previous school year, previous camps or past enrichments will not be able to attend programming until the balance is paid in full. 


If you have any questions regarding payments or balances please contact Krystle Strange at


Financial assistance can be arranged through Illinois Action for Children, a state funded assistance program. If you are approved for Child Care Action (CCA) your monthly payments will only be a fraction of the cost of the full tuition.  Should you qualify for assistance, you will still be responsible for paying the registration fee and submitting the regular registration to be eligible for Extended Day.  

CCA Applications specific for South Loop Youth Guidance can be found online at For more general information on CCA, please visit the Illinois Action for Children website. To see if you are eligible to apply based on financial need, please visit the Paying for Child Care section of the website.

All CCA applications must be signed by the Resource Coordinator and sent in by Monday, August 28th.  Proof of submission must be given to the Resource Coordinator. 

BEHAVIORAL POLICIES AND EXPECTATIONS:Students are expected to follow South Loop School’s behavioral expectations at all times.  This includes being safe, responsible and respectful to all students, staff, and administrators.

Students must uphold the following expectations:

1)   Students are NOT permitted to use electronic devices during programming, including but not limited to: portable music players, smart watches, cell phones, hand-held gaming devices, personal computers, iPads, etc. Cell phones must remain off during programming hours.  Calls must be made to/from school phone in the main office.

2)       Unauthorized items that are out during program hours will be confiscated by program staff and returned only to a parent/guardian. More than one violation will result in a write-up.

3)       At no point should students be wandering the hallways unsupervised.

4)      Students may not leave the school building for any reason while in attendance, except when accompanied by an instructor on a field trip. 

5)       Students may not leave the school building to buy food or order food to be delivered. If a student leaves the school grounds and returns to Extended Day without proper permissions, they will receive an automatic two day suspension from the Extended Day program.

6)       If a student is signed out of Extended Day, they may only return with parent/guardian permission.

7)       For safety reasons, once a student leaves the school building they cannot remain on school grounds (playground, outside building) without adult supervision. 

8)       Students must wait inside the school building to be picked up.

For a more comprehensive list of expected behaviors, please refer to the CPS student code of conduct available on the CPS website:


WRITE-UPS: Should students not follow through with the set expectations, they will receive a write-up. Once a student receives four write-ups they will be suspended from the Extended Day program for two days.  A fifth write up will result in expulsion from the Extended Day program for the remainder of the school year. Physical violence is not tolerated and will result in an immediate three-day suspension from Extended Day. Please note that tuition is non-refundable.




Program Contact Info

Krystle Strange, Resource Coordinator -            



Extended-Day Staff

Meet the experienced, talented, and passionate people that make up the Youth Guidance Extended-Day staff!




Danielle Capalad

Britney Isaac



First Grade

Bianca Lopez

Geneva Guy

Geneva graduated from Olivet Nazarene University with a bachelors degree in psychology and sociology. Her concentration is in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She plans to continue her education in graduate school in fall of 2015. In her spare time, Geneval likes to do many different crafts such as crochet, knitting, painting, sewing and needlework. She also plays guitar and loves video games (both online and console!) After graduating she worked for a Springhill Day camp with elementary age children and eventually found a spot with Youth Guidance. Geneva enjoys working with kids because she likes to bring out their creativity and because they bring out new creative ideas in her. She believes every child has a creative edge and it deserves a chance to flourish. She feels that teaching kids how to create something gives them an outlet and gives her a chance to make an impact in society. 



Second Grade

Monique Martin


Monique Martin has been teaching for several years at various school settings.  She joined Youth Guidance at South Loop Elementary School in 2011 as a Kindergarten Instructor.  She graduated from National Louis University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.   She recently completed her graduate studies at the Professional School of Psychology earning a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Child and Adolescent.  Monique has a passion for children and loves contributing to a child’s growth in every capacity where she can make a positive difference.  She also has her master's degree in Education Leadership and plans on extending her education at Concordia University for her third master's in Special Education. Her truest desire is to help children who have been traumatized or have special needs overcome obstacles in their lives in the realm of learning, trauma and personal conflict.  During her personal time she loves working out, dancing and spending time with her family.  Monique’s inspiration is her twin sister who has inspired her to understand that success is what you’re passionate about and to go beyond the thing you fear that will excel you the most.

Bianca Castellon


Third Grade

Laura Courtney


Laura Courtney is a Chicago native. She journeyed down state to Illinois College to complete her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts: Theatre with a minor in English Literature. She later went on to receive her Master's degree from University of Phoenix in English Education-Curriculum Instruction.  For the past 11 years Laura has been a member of Kuumba Lynx, a non-for-profit organization geared towards educating and empowering youth to find their voices. Since 2011 Laura has been an Extended Day Instructor and Recess Coordination with Youth Guidance at South Loop School.



Fourth Grade

Heather Verdak


Heather Verdak hails from the suburbs of Chicago and is currently studying Sociology and Restorative Justice at Roosevelt University.  She takes pride in using alternative forms of transportation to get around the city and can be seen in her free time at the various art museums throughout Chicago.  Heather's life mantra takes a page from Dolly Parton, with "the only way I'd be caught without makeup is if my radio fell in the bathtub while I was taking a bath and electrocuted me and I was in between makeup at home."  She also digs kendama.


Fifth Grade

Charlie Harris


Charlie Harris joined the South Loop team in September of 2013. He is currently studying Music at the University of Illinois at Chicago - a passion that he has pursued since he was 9 years old! On the weekends, Mr. Charlie enjoys playing guitar with his band, teaching private guitar lessons and producing electronic music. His drive to work with children can be attributed to the fact that he is a "kid-at-heart" according to his friends, collegues and superiors. Charlie takes pride in providing an extracuricular enviroment where his students can feel comfortable while improving their social and acedemic abilities... One cheesy joke at a time!




Sixth - Eighth Grade 







Gabe Gutierrez

 ggutierrez  gabe loves mop  P1160250 



Front Desk Attendant (Branch Building) 

Linda Townsend



 Front Desk Attendant (Main Building)

Mickey Grayer


Assistant Director





Krystle Strange

Krystle Strange began working with Youth Guidance in January 2013. Krystle has a BA in Criminal Justice from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She spent three years as a Resident Assistant in the residence halls. In her free time, she enjoys tinkering with computers, playing video games and bonding with her nieces.  She also loves to crochet and read. When possible, Krystle plays softball, which has always been on of her biggest passions.



South Loop Extended Day Program
South Loop Extended Day Program
South Loop Extended Day Program
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