CPS ParentConnection

The Chicago Public Schools' ParentConnection is a unique web-based tool that allows you to securely view your child's grades and attendance online. The portal offers a way for you to:

  • Receive e-mail or text notifications when your child is absent.
  • Receive e-mail or text notifications when your child grades drop below a point you identify.
  • Manage your contact information to ensure that CPS has the correct email and phone numbers for you on file.
  • Send a note to your child's teacher.

Signup for ParentConnection   Login to ParentConnection


  • Valid login ID and password (See Creating a ParentConnection Account below)
  • Internet connection
  • Web browser

Creating a ParentConnection Account

1. Prior to creating a ParentConnection account, you will need:

a. Your child's CPS ID number

b. A school-issued personal identification number (PIN)

Contact Mr. Butler to obtain your child's CPS ID number or PIN.

Note: To ensure the security of your child's records, PINs will not be issued over the phone under any circumstance.

2. When you have the ID number and PIN, sign up for a ParentConnection account.